Yes or No!

Today we want to recommend you a game that exercises memory, concentration and ability to think flexibly. This game is a “Yes-No” and can be played by two persons or more.

In this game one person makes up an object. This may be an object, animal, or something abstract. For starters we recommend simple objects like tee cups or scissors. The task of the other person (or the rest of the people in a larger number of participants) is to ask questions with only a  “Yes” or “No” answer.

When a person guessing believes being close enough to try – guess the answer. If you do not succeed-guesses on. In the game you can limit the number of questions or possible attempts to “answer”.

It’s pure fun for big and small, home, outdoors or in a long journey. Have fun!

Valuable lessons

Valuable lessons from today: awareness of what needs to be done is not enough to succeed!

How exercise affects the brain: association with age and genes

ImageEveryone will agree that exercise is good for health. It clears the mind, is good for your heart, and delivers more oxygen to the brain, etc. These are well known effects of physical exercise, but David Bucci of Darthmouth College thinks there is much more going on.

“In the last several years there have been data suggesting that neurobiological changes are happening — [there are] very brain-specific mechanisms at work here,” says Bucci, an associate professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Continue reading

Juggling balls!

Juggling balls!

We just received new batch of juggling balls. Juggling does miracles for concentration and hemisphere coordination. There is a set of 3 balls for every student on our course. The balls are here and waiting to for the toss 🙂

A memory trick for today – how not to forget about buying or doing something.

A memory trick for today – how not to forget about buying or doing something. First, start from imagining what you have to do (or buy). If your wife asks you to buy cucumber for salad imagine it with as much detail possible. Then, think when you need to remember it. Not at the door step, that would be too late. So maybe when leaving work or entering a bus. Now you only need to picture a bus full of cucumbers, or trying to turn your computer at work off using the vegetable. If you imagine it in enough detail the memory will come back.

About memo techniques

To improve yourself, it is good to know what was holding you back. And why is learning so hard really?

First thing is that no one thought us how to learn. Our parents couldn’t do it, because they don’t know how to. And most parents are poor teachers. Other question is why weren’t we thought how to learn at school? And I can’t really answer that question. Schools have improved significantly in ways of transferring knowledge. And knowledge itself is more available thanks to internet. But in my opinion schools just aren’t what they should be.

From historical point of view how much have school changed? We can think about ancient times and ancient philosophers. They walked along garden alleys and discussed matters with their students – followers. From time to time they gave speeches in public. There were libraries, but they weren’t available for everyone. In III century BC Athens were broke, and to took a loan from Ptolemy III, by pledging scrolls stored on the Acropolis with the tragedies od Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, regarded there as a national treasure of the Greeks. Such was the value of written knowledge back then. Continue reading

The spring (of life) is upon us

I was just walking my dogs all three of them and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It’s spring time in Poland. The sun is shining most of the time and the leaf buds are exploding all around. It’s just such a beautiful time of the year.

And its also a good time to start anew some things in life. You can say that anytime is good for changes but I find spring the most fitting. There are changes all around us which makes it easier to follow. We have more sunny hours, birds are singing flowers are blooming. I can almost hear the grass growing. Continue reading

Do you know that feeling when you want something new on the web?

I find myself using same web pages every day. Not all of them, but during the week i get through my choices. That is roughly 20 pages.

There is nothing bad in that. I think. Either way, from time to time I crave for something new, open Google type something and seldom find it interesting.

There is a nice and simple solution i found that meets my needs. It’s and does exactly what the name says. Just pick your interests and stumble upon something new. Works like a charm.

Have some fun with exploring new content on the web. Your brain also can use some fresh air, or web.


Best personal notes – Mind maps

There are a lot of opinions about mind maps, and what they are. And they are just notes. Mind maps got same purpose as every other note in your notebook. The difference is in creating process and how we access stored information.

Normal notes are single dimensional. In order to reach one information, you need to read through a lot of other. Also the process of creating regular notes is one that doesn’t require much effort. Many people achieved a level at which they don’t even think about what they are writing. Like note-taking-machine! The result is simple. You don’t remember most of what you normally note in your notebook. Continue reading

About Speed Reading and what is all the fuss about?

The basics of reading

Reading is one of the phenomena of human mental activity, and despite appearances, this simple act is a very complex process which can be divided into several stages:
Shape recognition – content attribution
Content analysis
Reading aloud (which is not needed).
Generating associations

Keep in mind that reading is a process so complex that accurate tracing the whole process goes beyond the knowledge of modern psychophysiology. We also find the process of how children learn to read very important, and that’s what we’re going to start from. Hopefully you’ll notice that after learning how to read properly speed reading is a natural extension. Like flying long distances is better than driving a car. Continue reading